Perfect AI Models

Generate perfect, photorealistic models with AI:

No photoshoots or casting agencies
Precise control of look, identity, hair, makeup, and more
Infinite variants and precision
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Superior unit economics

Agencies bill top dollar for human assets. Photographers, hair, and makeup all get paid by the hour – in addition to ancillary (but often substantial) costs like travel. We eliminate middlemen and excess cost. We bill only for images you need and not those that you do not. That translates to a superior cost structure (with greater speed and precision).

Indistinguishable from Reality

Simply put: we achieve print quality image results comparable to those obtainable from actual human models and incumbent agencies. In extensive testing / polling we’ve conducted, our models cannot be distinguished from actual humans – even when poll recipients are told directly that an image has been rendered by AI.

Scale without bounds

Bloom assets can be redeployed perpetually in an unlimited array of scenarios. Once you have licensed a Bloom model, you can present that model in an infinite number of permutations – altering clothing, posture, or background at will.

Infinitely Malleable

Because Bloom assets are not fixed assets (versus a regular picture of a real model), they are all infinitely customizable. If any alteration needs to be made, we can do so effortlessly.

Reduce Liability

To err is human – and unfortunately models and agencies are no exception. We’ve come across a staggering array of foibles and shortfalls in dealing with human models – from incompetently executed photoshoots to TMZ-worthy public meltdowns. Digitized creative assets mitigate the risk and potential drama that can not only render a photoshoot ineffective (or worse) but also pose significant PR risks for the brand equity you’ve established.

Full Brand Ownership

Your Bloom assets are yours to retain forever. That means full control over some of your most important customer-facing intellectual property.

AI models: infinitely customizable and cost-effective

Step 1: Specification
Work with our team to design your ideal specifications for your models.
Step 2: Infinite choices for your AI model
Choose the exact look with our AI sliders that let you choose across facial features, identities, and body types.
Step 3: Control poses, expressions, lighting conditions, and more
Bloom AI's proprietary technology can put your models into any scene and orientation.
Step 4: Own them forever and reuse for your library
No more model rights or needing to reshoot. You can always customize your models into whatever scene you want.

Powered by cutting-edge AI research

Generative modeling

Bloom uses generative modeling to create photos of people that look like they were taken by a human photographer.

This is orchestrated by a series of neural networks working together to create photorealistic people and scenes that don't exist. A similar technology is being used for deepfakes.

In addition, computer vision and supervised learning for labeling now can outperform humans in tasks ranging from facial recognition to deep imagination.

Reinforcement learning

Used in self-driving cars, robotics, and beating humans at Go, deep reinforcement learning explores actions and scenarios, searching over space optimally.

This enables Bloom to optimally search through the output of generative models.



Bloom combines award-winning AI with exceptional client service to deliver next-gen print models providing customers extraordinary creative control over advertisement campaigns and the ability to drive robust returns on spend.

We are computer scientists from Yale and MIT with decades of experience in e-commerce, ad tech, and AI.

Investors include AI entrepreneurs from Microsoft, Bonsai, and Amobee, and photo industry executives from EyeEm.
Aarlo Stone Fish

Automated over $10m of ad spend, Yale computer science

Vanessa Lam

Consultant, MIT Sloan

Bryan Sharpe

Serial entrepreneur, author