AI Image Variants

Use generative modeling AI to instant generates 360 realistic variants of your creative assets:

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Customize your creatives

Deep learning generative modeling AI can alter human faces to your requirements
Save time
No need to do another photo shoot or find different photos
Customizable variants
Bloom generates 360 variants across age, race, identity, and facial expression


Generative modeling

Bloom uses generative modeling to create images that look like they were taken by a human photographer.

Recent advancements in AI have allowed us to develop an elaborate algorithm with dozens of neural networks trained on real images.

Reinforcement learning

Used in self-driving cars, robotics, and beating humans at Go, deep reinforcement learning explores actions and scenarios, searching over space optimally.

This enables Bloom to search through the output of the generative models to find the perfect image based on your preferences.


Computer scientists from Harvard and Yale with decades of experience in e-commerce, ad tech, and AI.
Aarlo Stone Fish

Automated over $10m of ad spend, Yale computer science

Dennis Warfield

Sold $14m of art
Harvard blockchain thesis